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Highway transports

Highway transports

Highway transports

Road transport allows connecting/non-stop transportation between the starting and destination points, it is still the most popular transport system in the world, as it is faster than sea transport and relatively cheap compared to air transport. As Mutlular Transport, we have all the tools and equipment our customers need for the road. There are 250 Tractors, 170 Standard Trailers, 20 Mega Trailers, 10 Flatbed Trailers, 115 Refrigerated Trailers in our fleet. For our valued customers on the highway, our vehicles in our fleet are presented below for your information;


Standard Trailer :
Our tarpaulin standard vehicles measure 2.50 x 13.60 x 2.80
Mega Trailer :
We have vehicles with the dimensions of 2.50 x 13.60 x 3. 00 (Width x Length x Height) whose volume can increase up to 100 m3.
Flatbad Trailer :
We have open trailers to be used in out of gauge transportation.
Frigo Trailer :
We provide service with our vehicles with cooling feature.

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